Garment On Hangers Askılı Konteyner

Garment On Hangers (GOH) Container

Garment On Hangers (GOH) Container is a solution utilized in international textile logistics. Flexible, Economical, Environmentalist, Efficient with highest internal load capacity at a time.

EBBI Logistics Solutions manufactures and installs demounted GOH equipments specially designed for 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft shipping containers.

GOH Solutions We Offer:

20 ft DC - 11 Hanger Steel Square Tubes (Polypropylene String or Strap Options)
40 ft HC - 22 Hanger Steel Square Tubes (Polypropylene String or Strap Options)
45 ft HC - 24 Hanger Steel Square Tubes (Polypropylene String or Strap Options)

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Honeycomb Cardboard Paper Pallet

Honeycomb Cardboard Paper Pallet compared to wooden or plastic pallets are three times lighter, cost-efficient, manufactured out of 100% recyclable paper, environmentally friendly and innovative.

The product does not require heat-treatment and fumigation since it does not harbor any toxic pesticides. Therefore, it is not subject to ISPM-15 standards and there is no hassle with the formalities that you may encounter while doing international trade.

A honeycomb cardboard paper pallet in euro pallet sizes has 750 kgs carriage capacity.

PE Container Liner Bag

PE Container Liner Bag is designed to ship your products in a secure, clean and cost-efficient way. It is manufactured out of Polyethylene material. The containers that you ship your goods in could be dirty and/or damaged

PE Container Liner Bag is manufactured to protect your products from humidity, bad odors, stain and several other external factors.

Our product is compatible with all 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers and provides 100% protection in the container.